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The staff of professionals at Grimm Tails Veterinary Clinic prioritize the well being of your special pet.  Whether they have been with you for years or just a few days, remember to keep your pet vaccinated and healthy.

Tired of those ooey, gooey topical flea and tick preventative treatments?

Why not try Nexgard! 

Stop in during the month of July to receive a FREE SAMPLE of this chewable flea and tick preventative.

Nexgard is the first and only, prescription only, soft beef-flavored chew that kills fleas and ticks.  Not only does it kill fleas before they can reproduce, but it also kills American Dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and Black-legged (deer) ticks.  It is effective within 48 hours of treatment and will keep your dog flea and tick free for a duration of 30 days. 

Nexgard is available for dogs in the following sizes:

4-10#      11-24#        25-60#         61-121#

(These sizes are also available in a 3 pack for purchase.)

Click on any of the tabs above and see what products and services we offer; as well as checking out our staff; informative articles/newsletters and our HAPPY TAILS. We will also provide specials and promotions on this main page monthly - so bookmark us so you can stop in every month. We look forward to being of service to you.




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